David Reid

Manager of Special Projects and Logistics,

Dave Reid has over 47 years’ experience in the Mining and Transportation Industries.  Prior to joining Jerritt Canyon in 2015, he held such positions as VP Business Development and Investor Relations with Trelawney and Northern Gold; as well as Supply Chain Manager, Capital Acquisitions, and Disposal for San Gold Corporation.  Additionally, Reid was previous owner and operator of a transportation company and a millwright and supervisor for Algoma Steel Company.

Amber Sears

Accounting Manager

Amber Sears has over 15 years of experience in the Accounting field.  Prior to joining Jerritt Canyon Gold in 2012, Sears was the Accounting Manager at Primecare Nevada; she holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. 

Dwayne Ward

Manager of Human Resources

Dwayne Ward is the Manager of Human Resources, with over 15 years of Human Resource experience in the mining industry.  Ward joined Jerritt Canyon Gold in 2009.  Previously he owned an HR Consulting firm, worked for Queenstake Resources USA and CNIC Health Solutions. He also brings 23 years of benefits management experience. 

Gordon Fellows P.E.

Mining Manger

Gordon Fellows has brought over 30 years of underground and open pit experience to Jerritt Canyon Gold.  Since graduating from Colorado School of Mines, he has progressed through a variety of Operational, Technical, and Corporate roes across four continents as well as twice leading the development of integrated Digital Product Management Systems based on Short Interval Control.

John Braaten

Mill Manager

John Braaten has over 35 years experience in the Mining Industry; he has worked for Jerritt Canyon Gold since 2014, prior to becoming the Mill Manager he had taken on the rolls of the Electrical and Instrumentation and Mill Maintenance Superintendent.  Braaten as previously worked for Union Carbide, Nevada Goldfields, Atlas Gold, and Newmont Mining Corporation.  Braaten received his electrical training in the United States Navy.

Jack Hicks

Mill Operations Superintendent

Jack Hicks has 19 years of mining experience, 14 of which has been with Jerritt Canyon Gold.  Hicks has worked as a contractor on various mining projects in addition to working underground on raise bore drills.

Cecil Pranke

Yard Crew and Water Treatment Plant Superintendent

Cecil Pranke has 34 years in the Mill Operation Industry, 32 of which has been with Jerritt Canyon Gold.  Previously, Pranke has been employed by the Arizona Carpenter Union and Nevada Cyprus Northumberland Mining.

Mirinda Jones

Environmental Manager

Mirinda Jones started in 2009 after graduating from the University of Nevada with a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Chemistry.  Initially, she was hired as an Environmental Coordinator later transitioning to Senior Environmental Coordinator.  Currently, Jones handles governmental, regulatory, and permitting processes as well as property acquisitions.

Ruston Hebdon

Warehouse and Purchasing Manager

Ruston Hebdon joined Jerritt Canyon Gold in 1992 where he has accrued his 27 years of mining experience.  In addition to working in Warehouse and Purchasing, Hebdon has worked in Mobile Maintenance, Mill Maintenance, and as an Underground Miner.  

Chad Eklund

Surface Operations Manager

Chad Eklund has over 35 years of experience in the Mining Industry.  Working with teams along the Carlin Trend, he has specialized in effective mining techniques, equipment utilization in load and haulage efficiencies, including maximizing leaching facilities.  Eklund has also worked effectively on reclamation projects to restore wildlife habitat.

Kellie Munger

Safety Manager

Kellie Munger is the Safety Manager, joining Jerritt Canyon Gold in 2015, she has 22 years of Underground and Surface Mining experience.  Previously she worked as an Explosive Technician moving into training positions to include Industrial Hygiene and Mine Rescue.  Munger has an extensive knowledge in both MSHA and OSHA.

Cole Williams

Security Manager

Cole Williams is the Security Manager, joining Jerritt Canyon Gold April of 2012. Initially, he was hired as a Security Officer, in 2015 Williams was promoted to Security Manager. Williams started his mining career as a contract blast technician where he worked throughout northern Nevada, Idaho, and Utah. Previously, Williams served in the US Marine Corps as a Rifleman in Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 and 2.